Web-based Resilience Training for NHS Healthcare Staff

NHS Healthcare staff are a professional group facing a plethora of challenges in their day to day work.  These roles tend to have an abundance of high level pressure and emotional demand which when combine with frequent exposure to trauma and loss can undermine a health professionals resilience and wellbeing.  Having identified this need in NHS healthcare staff, I together with Dr Felicity Baker and Dr Jo Burrell from Ultimate Resilience began developing a web-based training package aimed at offering strategies to improve resilience and wellbeing in a easy accessible format.

To assess the feasibility of providing resilience training for staff in this format, a usability study was ran via Birmingham’s NIHR Trauma MIC, an organisation who bring together patients, clinicians, researchers, commissioners and industry in the development of new medical technologies.  The usability study data will be used to inform further App development and covers a number of measures: self-awareness of stress symptoms, perceived knowledge of resilience skills, and the usability metrics SUS and UMUX-Lite.

The future plan is to create an App to support the wellbeing and resilience of clinical staff working within the NHS.  An advantage of delivering support via online methods is that training can be made available to large numbers of staff across multiple organisations.


Bennion, M.R., Baker, F. & Burrell, J. An Unguided Web-Based Resilience Training Programme for NHS Keyworkers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: a Usability Study. J. technol. behav. sci. (2022). doi: 10.1007/s41347-021-00225-3Link to Paper

Project team:

Jo Burrell
University of Sheffield, UK
Ultimate Resilience, UK

Felicity Baker
Ultimate Resilience, UK

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