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2019: (Co-I) EPSRC NewMind Network (Stage 2): Building and Testing a Demonstrator System for the AI Empathy Agent. £30k.
With Fuschia Sirois (PI), Abi Millings (UOS), Ian Tucker (UEL), Rafaela Neiva Ganga (LJMU), Paul Radin (NHS).

2018: (Co-I) EPSRC NewMind Network (Stage 1): Developing an Artificial Intelligence Empathy Agent. £15k.
With Fuschia Sirois (PI), Abi Millings (UOS), Ian Tucker (UEL), Rafaela Neiva Ganga (LJMU), Paul Radin (NHS).

Media Articles

Conversational agents for mental health apps: now with added artificial empathy
Bennion, M R (2018, August 2)


Foley T, Woollard J The digital future of mental healthcare and its workforce: a report on a mental health stakeholder engagement to inform the Topol Review, Health Education England 2019. Link to Report

NHS England Digital Innovation and Adoption in Psychological Therapies Expert Reference Group

Poster Presentations

MindTech 2021 Mental Health Technology Symposium, Virtual, United Kingdom, 2021. An Unguided Web-based Resilience Training Programme for NHS Keyworkers during the COVID-19 pandemic: A Usability Study.

MindTech 2016 Mental Health Technology Symposium, London, United Kingdom, 2016. An overview of the use of e-therapies by IAPT services within England

The Kroto Research Inspiration, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2016.  Improving user interface design to promote older adult engagement in computerised therapies

CABOT presentation, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2015.  Affective computing to support good mental health in later life

Presentations / Speaking

Improved Access to Psychological Therapies Forum, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2019.

Facilitating Digital Innovations for Mental Health Services, Bristol, United Kingdom, 2017. E-therapies in England: recent research into local applications and the national picture

Digital IAPT 2017, London, United Kingdom, 2017. Disrupting IAPT, Changing the Game: players, managers and supporters discuss

Healthy ageing within your reach. Shaping new technologies to support mental well-being for older people. Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2016.  Improving user interface features to promote engagement in e-therapies for older adults.

Connected Well-being Lab, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2016. From MYLO to TEA: Creating a Computerised Therapeutic Empathy Agent Chatbot Phase 1

Mental Well-being: Can technology help older people lead a healthier and happy life? Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2015. Can digital devices capable of reading emotion make the delivery of digital therapy more user-friendly and acceptable to older adults?


The Kroto Research Inspiration Poster Competition – Top 10 Runner Up

Doctoral Academy Viral Video Challenge 2016 – Most Viewed Video Winner