I’m a multidisciplinary developer and researcher with knowledge and experience spanning Psychology, Computer Science and Health Informatics.  I am presently based at Midlands and Lancashire NHS working in Digital Innovation Unit.

Research Activities

My PhD research was based in the University of Sheffield’s Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) and looked at how digital could be implemented more effectively in NHS Mental Health services such as IAPT.  I also investigated how system usability effects our ability to connect (expectations, therapeutic alliance) with therapeutic chatbots.

I have a continued interest in therapeutic chatbots but have also recently expanded my research interests into NHS staff resilience. I have been working with Ultimate Resilience to develop online resilience training for NHS healthcare staff.

Industry Activities

I have over 22 years experience designing and developing systems for public and private sector organisations.  These include the National Health Service (Midlands and Lancashire NHS, NHS England, University Hospital Birmingham, Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust), education (Birmingham Metropolitan College), councils (Staffordshire, Birmingham and Wolverhampton), retail (Argos Direct, Bibendum Wines Ltd) and video games (WaterMelon Corp).

I have worked on and off in the NHS for 10 years developing systems at both a local and regional level. There systems have served over 1.5 million service users.  I am a champion of free healthcare and proud to work in the NHS.

Other Activities

In addition to my developer and research actives.  I have worked as part of NHS England’s Digital Innovation and Adoption in Psychological Therapies Expert Reference Group (D-IAPT ERG) tasked with helping the NHS to adopt digital technologies within its psychological therapy IAPT services and also contributed to the Topol Review which looks at the digital future of mental healthcare and its workforce.