Senior Web and Multimedia Developer - Matthew Bennion


Hello, My name is Dr Matthew Bennion, I'm a senior app developer from Staffordshire. I have been creating unique and intuitive systems to help people for over 18 years.

I presently work in the public health sector (NHS) creating websites and apps for many different areas across the Local Heath Economy (LHE).

Over the years I have worked with a variety of different businesses and industrial sectors including retail chains (Argos Direct), education (Matthew Boulton College Birmingham) and councils (Birmingham and Wolverhampton).

As well as being a developer I'm also an honourary research academic at the University of Sheffield with interests in digital mental health therapies, conversational agents, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Last but not least I am also known in the Sega Mega Drive \ Genesis retro community for being part of the team that brought Pier Solar and the Great Architects the largest 16-bit cart based RPG to the Sega Mega Drive back in 2010.